Effectively communicate your message to reach new clients & grow your client base.

Save $500 by booking in 2020!

You can have your own videos to tell your story, introduce new staff members, or explain new product lines. If you follow our proven approach to producing cost effective and dynamic videos, you can put out a new video every month through video e-blasts and on social media handles, including your own dedicated YouTube channel.

We will show you how to:

  • Develop up to 6 videos (2-3 minutes in length) by covering a multitude of topics during a one-hour video interview;
  • Capture you, your staff, and clients at your office showcasing your culture during a one-hour b-roll session;
  • Plan to distribute your videos through email marketing and social media, and how to boost your videos on these platforms.
ONLY $415 per 2-minute video. TOTAL COST: $2500 when booked by 12.31.20. 
Price goes up to $3000 on 1.1.21.
Option to Pay by Credit Card in 3 payments - $500 deposit; $1000 in Jan; $1000 in Feb.
or PAY IN ADVANCE by 12.31.20 and PAY ONLY $2000 for 6 videos.


A Wish Come True tells a compelling story by bringing in their Wish Kids, parents and executive director. They are able to communicate their message throughout the year by stopping into our studio every other month.


Out of town, but want to do a video? In this case Brian Jones flew up to New England for meetings and stopped by our office for an hour session. We will see him again in early January to record 3 new videos or we will go to him to shoot footage.


Can you tell the difference? Mark Trombley shot this from his office using the selfie stand, microphone and light. You can also choose our DIY option which includes professional video editing.