Effectively communicate your message from your home or office

Professional Videos for Digital, Social Media and TV

You have the opportunity to become your own video producer by purchasing an inexpensive stand, microphone and sound kit, or by using Zoom. We have included a list of the equipment you need and have provided examples of videos edited using this style. In many cases, you can't tell the difference, and people today have become accustomed to seeing reporters delivering segments from home.

Having produced hundreds of traditional videos, JH Communications has adapted its techniques to help everyone produce their own videos:

  • We will show you how to frame your video with proper lighting and sound - two of the most important elements. 
  • Develop content and show you how to become an interviewer of your own staff and clients.
  • Capture and then send video files to be edited by using Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Demonstrate how you can have photos and video edited into your segment. 
  • Explain how to distribute your videos through email marketing and social media, and how to boost your videos on these platforms.

This Brown Physicians video provides you an explanation of COVID-19 testing. It also demonstrates how you can insert Zoom recordings with pictures and video footage to edit a professional video. 


This CODAC PSA is airing on broadcast television in Rhode Island. You will see how we incorporated shots from their CEO using an iPhone and video stand along with b-roll and video interview footage we had previously captured.


Hospitality Insurance produced this video to inform its policyholders on what they are doing to help them through the pandemic. Watch how we show a clip of their CEO from a previous shoot and then dissolve to a shot from him at home, using his new audio and footage we already captured to convey his message.