Turn your camera phone into a video production device

Professional production starting at $200 per video

If you follow our proven approach, you can use your own phone to produce multiple, dynamic videos. This will enable you to put out a new video every month, or even each week, through video e-blasts and on social media handles. All of your videos will be edited to include your photos or previous video footage.

We will show you how to:

  • Develop 5, one-minute videos by recording content yourself; 
  • Use a stand, microphone and light to turn your camera phone into a video recording device;
  • Professional coaching through Zoom to develop compelling content and training to become an interviewer of your own staff and clients;
  • Explain how to distribute your videos through email marketing and social media, and how to boost your videos on these platforms.

Total cost is $1000; each video only costs $200 per video & includes professional editing

Package includes:

  • Video stand, microphone and light
  • 30-minute video coaching session with PR professional and videographer on Zoom
  • Editing of stock music and images and video or footage you already have or submit.



Richard Welch, president & CEO of Hospitality Insurance Group, shot this video using his iPhone from the comfort of his office. He then emailed us the clips and we edited it with photos and previous footage we had.